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Tirolean Tourism Strategy

The Tirolean Way

“The Tirolean Way - perspectives for the responsible development of tourism” is the title of the current tourism strategy for our province, which was introduced in June 2021. The Tirolean Way is the result of many discussions, in-depth analyses with numerous experts within and outside the Tirolean tourism industry.

Since the 1970s, tourism concepts and guiding principles have served as a central roadmap for the responsible further development of tourism in Tirol.

The current strategy, “The Tirolean Way - perspectives for the responsible development of tourism” opens up a whole new chapter. Tirol aspires to be a pioneering region for tourism and sustainable tourism development - in a careful balance of economic, social and ecological sustainability and has thereby initiated a change of perspective. In future, success will be measured in a new and more holistic way. In addition to economic parameters, social, ecological and satisfaction indicators will play a decisive factor.

The strategy paper is not a conclusive guiding principle, but a momentary assessment and starting point for an ongoing process of further development.

The Tirolean Way is characterised by four guiding principles.

Living & Recreation Space

Tirol is a living, recreational and economic area all rolled into one. Tirolean tourism takes place amidst the real lives of the local population and not in a separate holiday environment. To create a harmonious setting with which both the local population and guests alike can identify, Tirolean tourism must continuously address the spatial compatibility of its development.

Sustainability & Regionality

Holidays in the Alps are one of the most sustainable forms of tourism worldwide. Tirol strives to play a pioneering role in sustainable Alpine tourism development on an economic, social and ecological level.

Family Businesses & Consummate Hosts

Family businesses create and maintain identity, while forming the very backbone of Tirolean tourism. The handover of around 2,600 businesses must be mastered over the next 15 years in order to preserve this successful family-run structure. There is, therefore, a large bundle of measures to support these family businesses, as well as the quality of hospitality and working environment.

Competence & Innovation Leadership

Our province has lived with and from tourism for over 100 years.  During this time, it was possible to acquire an unparalleled wealth of experience, especially when it comes to winter tourism and mountain sports. This competence is reflected in year-round quality leadership and sustainable further development of the tourism services.

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