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Tourism Associations

The fact that we at Tirol Werbung are able to pull all the strands together on a supra-regional level and connect the state with its visitors is made possible in particular by the support of the 34 tourism associations (TVB). They function in their respective regions in the same manner as Tirol Werbung functions for the entire province: they take care of strategic development, tourism marketing at an association level, tourism infrastructure in the region, serve as information points for guests and partner businesses and organise events.

There were 250 tourism associations in Tirol until the mid-1990s - one for almost every village. Larger units were created through mergers: you could almost describe it as many small peaks coming together to form large mountain ranges, which now have even more charisma.

There are now 34 tourism associations in Tirol. They all operate as corporations under public law and are subject to the authority of the provincial government. Each TVB is headed by a chairman/woman and a managing director.

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Facts and figures on tourism in Tirol 

A wealth of data illustrates the important role of tourism in Tirol.