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Tirol Werbung’s Responsibilities

We at Tirol Werbung are responsible for two key functions: information and communication. We are constantly exploring the special and enduring features of this province - and want to tell people about them. Tirol Werbung’s responsibilities are defined in our strategy and their objective is to make the province a model region for an attractive living and recreation area, as well as a sustainable business location.

Preparing information: system development

As the provincial tourism organisation, Tirol Werbung in cooperation with tourism associations and service providers, is a specialist for Tirolean tourism, as well as a service provider for partners and markets. This includes, for example, ongoing research into markets, motives and trends.

Utilising information:  performance development

We are the driving force behind Tirol’s further development in the tourism and leisure sectors. In doing so, we focus on concepts that have a cross-generational effect - especially in the areas of mobility, culinary arts, natural environment management and sustainability.

Distribution of information and content: Communication services

Tirol Werbung is a communications company. We are responsible for tourism marketing and for helping shape tourism location communication based on the Tirol brand. Our communication activities are aimed at both the domestic and foreign markets: we serve as an information and service centre for guests and partners, but at the same time we also instigate marketing measures in our key target markets: these include Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

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Organisation and Teams 

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